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Horse boarding

You can choose between two different options, depending on what is the best for your horse.Combining the box with the paddock we make sure we provide our partner with the perfect balance, and the horse will also be in contact with other horses. All horses receive five meals a day.

Option 1 → Day at paddock and night at box.
Option 2 → Day and night at paddock.

Horse walker

We offer the possibility of your horse training in the walker. Performing this complementary exercise will provide many benefits: an improvement in physical condition, reduction of the chances of injury and also ensures that our animal performs a constant exercise.

To choose between two, three or four days a week.
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Horse lease

Enjoy a horse as if it were yours without the need to buy it. This is a very appropriate option for riders who are improving their level of riding because it allows changing the horse as it evolves.

Option to make a shared assignment (between two people).

Breaking of horses and Sales

Breaking of horses, learning the young horses and helping and training the already broken horses. Also problematic horses.

Sale of foals born in our facilities or horses that we have in the facilities and have been trained here.

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Quadres d'En Blai montar a caballo clase

Rental for events

Horse or pony rental for different occasions such as birthdays or weddings. We travel with our team to make your celebration a fun and unforgettable occasion accompanied by our nice friends.

Other services

Veterinarian anf Farrier

If your horse needs medical assistance or a visit from the farrier, we put you in touch with a trusted professional.

Horse clipping

We do it however you like it, whole body or partially. We perform different shearing: shearing of whole horse or only body.


We personally manage the transport of the horse.

Preparation for exams of “Galopes”

Theoretical and practical classes adapted to each level of the exams. Accompaniment throughout the process including the displacement of the day of the exam. (We are currently carrying out procedures to be able to take the exams in the same center).

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