Iniciación a montar a caballo

Riding lessons


Perfect for beginners and those  who have not done classes for a while and would like to get back in the saddle and have contact with horses.


Training to improve in the different equestrian disciplines: classic dressage, showjumping and cross country.


We perform therapies with horses by qualified people to contribute to the physical and psychological improvement of people with different pathologies.

Hippotherapy consists of taking advantage of the therapeutic principles of the horse to perform a different treatment. It is based on aspects such as the transmission of body heat from the horse’s body to the person, rhythmic impulses and three-dimensional movement.

Horse Hiking

We schedule horseback hikes periodically so that our regular customers can enjoy nature with their animals. We can also organize more personalized hikes for those people who already have a minimum level of riding.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please ask us, we will be happy to help you!

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Children Daycamps

We prepare days full of activities with our participants to introduce those who have not had contact with horse riding or for those children who already practice horse riding regularly. They are very dynamic weeks in which the children realize an immersion in the world of the horse and receive information constantly.

Normally we make the camps during the school holidays of Christmas, Easter and during the summer.

Check our calendar and sign up for the next camp!
Concurso hípica

Social Competitions

We organize competitions in our stables to enjoy a fun day at the club while preparing and practicing programs and rehearsing before going out to compete at other clubs.

You can check out when we make the next competition in our calenda of events.

Other activities

Participation in exterior events

You can find us in horse fairs such as the Horse Fair of Reus.We also participate in the “3 tombs” of different localities, in the 3 kings ride and also you will find us in different christmas fairs carrying out pony walks.

We are a community

We like to make outdoor dinners in summer, “calçotadas” and different events in our facilities to get to know each other more and enjoy this world in company.

Participació als Tres tombs de Reus 2019. Hípica Quadres d'en Blai.