pista caballo Quadres d'En Blai

Pep Torrell

Director, founder and trainer of Quadres d’en Blai.

Pep has the official title as a technician in equestrian training

and besides, he is a examiner of the gallops tests.

director Quadres d'En Blai

“The coach is always ready to help and classes are a continuous progress. The horses for cession and the school horses are in a very good conditions and they never are lack of anything.”

Pilar, student with cession
montar a caballo en familia

“Since we arrive with our horses, it’s been two years, our riding evolution it’s been considerable, thanks to the involvement of Pep Torrell. Our little Úrsula has managed successfully to control her pony, achieving outstanding results already in its beginnings in the jumping competitions. Our horses enjoy good nutrition and hygiene in the stables. “

Cánovas family

“The facilities are very spacious and they are always in good condition, and there is a very good atmosphere between riders and families, which makes the stables a very pleasant place.”

Marina, student